Extending Your Taylormade Golf Club Shafts

It is an all too familiar scene. You go to a golf equipment shop to buy yourself a new club and after trying out what seems to be a hundred Taylormade golf clubs, only to find out that all are too short for your preference. No need to neither panic nor worry, it is perfectly fine to be picky with golf club after all, it is a big factor in the success of your swing.

Taylormade golf

Now, if you think you have gone all over town in search for the perfect club but you still went home defeated, the next best thing for you to do is just buy a high-quality club despite of it being too short. Why? Because this article will teach you a simple but very effective way to increase the length of your club.

To extend the shaft of your Taylormade golf club, here are the materials you will need:

• Utility Knife

• Shaft extension/s

• Bench Vise

• Hacksaw

• File

• Two-part Epoxy

• Clean Rag

• Grip solvent

• Griptape (double-sided)

• Grip/s

Okay, once you have your materials ready, here are the steps to follow:

1. Remove the original grip on your Taylormade golf club using a utility knife. Do this with the shaft tape as well.

2. Next is to try and check if the shaft extension you bought perfectly fits the end of your club’s shaft. If it requires you too much force to insert the extension fully, it might mean you bought the wrong size.

3. After fit checking the extension, mark it accordingly to the length you desire to achieve.

4. Once marked, place the extension securely in the bench vise and cut with a hacksaw.


5. Smooth the edge from the cut you just made on the extension shaft using a file. Clean with a rag.

6. Apply a small amount of epoxy to the part of the extension that you will fit inside your club’s shaft then attach. Wipe if any excess epoxy comes out. Wait for the epoxy to set before executing the next step.

7. Once the epoxy has set, use the vise to secure your Taylormade golf club. Evidently, the shaft is longer now so you would have to use a small amount of grip solvent to remove any tape residue that will be visible on the shaft when you proceed with the installation of the new grip.

8. To install the new grip, use a double-sided grip tape on the extended shaft then pour solvent inside the new grip as well as over the tape on the shaft.

9. Slide the grip over the end of your Taylormade golf club’s new, longer shaft.

GolfYou did it! Go ahead and proceed to your favorite golf course and try out your new and improved golf club. You can also try giving it a few swings first right in your backyard and to check and see if the new length feels just right. With a golf club that perfectly fits your body dimensions, you are a step closer to becoming a champion golfer! Why waste both your money and time going from store to store just to see if even just one golf club suits you, right? Just buy the best you could find and customize it! With every back swing, you will feel that even your equipment is something you worked hard for. Goodluck!

A word of advice, make sure you are doing all these in an area that is well-ventilated so you can use both epoxy and solvent effectively. Also always have a rag ready to wipe off any excess solvent since any contact to the skin or eyes can result in irritation. Click here rockbottomgolf.com you can find out the best golf equipment.