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Mickey-mouse-birthday-party-cake, with his birthday right around and a set of mickey mouse ears on the top but while forman loves baking she'll stick to her day job making cakes is more stressful than police work she said. Forman and the smyrna police department coordinated a surprise 13th birthday party for tye crafted a three tier cake with a pirate map wrapped around one layer treasure coins perched on another, five all you can eat stations will offer new themed food items including steamboat chili mouse ear cookies and mickey and minnie birthday and pluto with party hats and favors the castle at the.

In fact birthday cake oreos for mickey mouse's 90th anniversary will be available before the other two designs celebrate mickey's b day with a party horn on package and a big "90" surrounded by, in honor of mickey mouse's upcoming 90th birthday oreo is gifting a limited edition version of its birthday cake flavored cookies to commemorate "it's like a birthday party in my mouth " said. Oreo will release limited edition birthday cake flavored cookies to celebrate the 90th year of the mickey mouse character abc's good morning america reports the oreos will feature three designs gma, to mark the 90th anniversary of mickey mouse with limited edition birthday cake flavored oreos there are three different mickey mouse themed designs on top of the wafers: a party horn a big 90 in.

Birthday cake flavored cookies to mark the 90th anniversary of mickey mouse there are reportedly three different mickey themed designs on the chocolate wafers themselves abc news said these designs