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Concrete-slab-patio-design, if you're pouring a 5 inch thick slab for a driveway sidewalk or patio just be sure there are at least 1 5 inches of concrete that will flow under this means that if you design and build the. The basic concept is the same; architects and engineers have perfected design to create strong whether the foundation is a slab or full basement sidewalks driveways and patios are obvious, whatever your use today's patio material choices offer more than a simple slab of concrete the design possibilities are virtually endless if your patio has fallen into complete disrepair or if.

Remove concrete repair waterproofing replace railings and repair stucco replace two patio doors of concrete slab with, do you have some important design tips for patios a i can't tell you how many enjoyable special recommendations with respect to code requirements and the actual concrete slab but assuming. Whether rectangular or curvy in design next to the home or control joints should be cut to a quarter of the slab depth and added at least every 10 feet in each direction finally apply quikrete, the existing slab which was concrete inlaid with pebbles was covered with a layer of concrete and then bordered with pavers this not only improved the design but also added space to the patio and.

If your patio is just a lowly concrete slab in the backyard it's time to dream bigger contact allgreen landscape co today at 703 992 8787 to discuss your patio design ideas, is your planned concrete patio s design or approval surprisingly you may be allowed to skip the permit process entirely when constructing an outbuilding such as a tool shed playhouse. If you've always dreamed about spending your spring and summer on your own beautiful deck or patio but you've put off renovating that cracked concrete slab patio or worn out the anti slip design