Simple Techniques To Apply Before Hiring SEO Services

seoThere are a lot of different little things that you can do to your website before you call on SEO services for additional support. Finding a balance between what they can do, and what you can do is an important aspect of the bigger picture. Internet marketing is not an isolated set of rules, you need to do more than just highlight one or two things to ensure that you’re compliant with the current infrastructure of search engines. Some people end up missing out on the greater good that comes from setting up their pages correctly, because they are told that optimization doesn’t have the same effect that paid advertisements do. There’s a certain balancing act that is required for optimal reach, and it starts with applying simple things to your site first.

Set Up A Blog

The first thing that all website owners should do is set up a blog. This may sound like a complicated task, but it’s not that hard. In fact, there are a lot of proprietary software options that you can find online. With just one download and upload to your server, you could have a fully working, functional blog that shares the theme of your main domain name. You could even host your entire blog and site on the same domain and host. This doesn’t require a lot of heavy coding or anything like that. Once in place, your optimization and internet marketing will be a lot easier to produce traffic with.

Change The Title Tag Out On All Pages

The biggest complain that people have about their websites is that they aren’t indexed in any search engine. Unfortunately, this happens a lot and people don’t realize that the one thing that’s causing trouble is the title tag. When you are setting up a new website, especially if you’re going to be using a WYSIWG editor, your pages header will have a title tag that is generalized. The more pages you make with the initial template, the more the title tag will be the same. You need to change it out on every page that you have, and ensure that it’s branded and coded correctly. Don’t worry, this is not complicated, it’s just a matter of deleting between the tags and replacing it with relevant information. Most of the time you will have a title that says “UNTITLED DOCUMENT”, which requires editing. Change it, and you’ll get indexed faster.

Post Your Website URL on Social Media

mediaWhen you’re launching a website, or blog, you will want to make sure that you link your full URL to social networks. Social media is updated so often on a daily basis that it will become imperative for you link to your page’s full domain name. If you do this, you’ll find that your index will go up faster than usual. The reason why this helps with the larger picture of search engine optimization is simple, search engines love social media. They index their pages faster than any other sites on the internet, which means that your little effort could help you in the long term. Just don’t spam the link on these pages and you’ll be fine.

After doing the aforementioned, you’re ready to find SEO services that will help you tackle the larger picture of internet marketing. It should be noted that the above are just a few things that you should do without the help of a webmaster, so that you’re familiar with the backend of your site. It may seem foreign to you at first, but the more you know about the code and structure of your page, the more you will understand when you sit down with whomever is doing the internet marketing of your site.

How To Start You Own SEO Company

seoSo you are planning to put up your own SEO company? Search engine optimization is an important step in boosting rankings in search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. However, starting one is no joke. It entails a lot of hard work on your part. Aside from that, you need to learn a lot of things such as optimization techniques, finding potential customers, and of course, building a reputation. But if you are really keen on succeeding as an SEO provider, here are the steps on setting up your own business:

Planning and Preparation

Before everything else, you first need to determine the kind of SEO services you are going to provide customers, as well as the goals you want to achieve. You need to have a business plan that should identify important items such as financing methods, long and short term goals, marketing strategy, target customers, competitors, and business name.

Starting Your Business

The next step in putting up an SEO agency is to put your business structure in place. Will you be a sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation? Are you going to hire people? These are important considerations when starting your business.

Another factor to consider is the workplace. Are you renting a commercial space or will you work at home? You should also think about the accessibility of the location to your potential customers.

Tools and Equipment

When setting up your own SEO business, you also need to invest in some indispensable tools and materials:


For your business, you will need at least one desktop computer with huge memory and hard drive capacity. You will also need a router or modem for your internet connection. In addition, you may need to set up telephones or fax machines. Aside from that, you will also need printers, scanners, or copiers (you can buy one that has all three features).


SEO firms use a wide range of software related to such types of businesses. This may include Freshbooks Invoicing and Timesheets, Keyword Discovery, and others. You may also need to subscribe to SEO journals and publications, such as Search Engine Watch or Search Light.

Getting Customers

If you are new to this business, finding potential customers can be difficult at first. You are still building your reputation and no clients recommend your quality of service. Here are some recommendations for getting new customers:

  • Ask friends and families if they know someone who require SEO services
  • Take part in your favorite charities and offer some pro-bono work in exchange for publicity
  • Join SEO forums and chat rooms and offer free advice
  • Optimize your website to make it rank high for SEO-related searches

Maintaining Customers

Another challenge that you may encounter when starting an SEO company is keeping your clients. So, you must ensure that your clients will remain happy. Here are some ways you can guarantee customer satisfaction:

  • Give them excellent customer service
  • Get customer feedback on your services
  • Offer satisfaction guarantee
  • Provide rewards to your most loyal clients

Setting up an SEO agency can be a huge challenge. Once it is in place, keeping it operational is another challenge. If you are just a startup business, customers might be too skeptical and doubtful to get your service. Remember there are some clients who have had bad experiences with some service providers so you need to do some work in allaying their fears.

The good news is that many SEO firms have taken the path that you will take. Before they reached the success that they are having right now, they have experienced the same challenges and obstacles that you are about to face. But you need to be patient and committed because in the end, you can achieve the return of investment and success that you desire for your business. Don’t lose hope in the beginning because your efforts will eventually bear fruit. Remember, business is mainly about perseverance.

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