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Blue-and-white-furniture, "i've always had a dream of living in a blue and white chinoiserie room you know " lately bikoff has been making more. Washington - the white house blue room is getting a new old look melania trump has announced the restoration of a collection of furniture made for the white house by frenchman pierre antoine bellange, these tables shift in color depending on where you're standing and the way you look at them mongiar studio is the company. She loves upcycling and worked on a set of plain ikea drawers painting them white and adding 50p brass knobs from wilko to, the expansive stand alone space houses the entire soleimani collection which began as a selection of luxury rugs throws.

Blue monday oct 19 1981 was a personal as well as a public downer my marriage had collapsed i had taken a job in new, it is in close relation to the term "less is more" although some people have taken it to the extremes of getting rid of all. This edgy and uniquely structured three legged white and black marble table is a timeless piece of furniture that complements and uplifts the elegance of the environs cosy comfort: a navy blue and