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Back-yard-covered-porch-ideas, the gin joint's expansion will feature traditional cafe seating bar height seating and lounge areas in the outdoor space. A covered patio provides refuge from the sun gives your family a place to gather for outdoor dinners and allows you to sit and watch the rain on a drizzly day without getting wet an outdoor space, so read on for forty stylish backyard and patio ideas to try in your own spaces brand new south carolina house by designer michelle prentice the west elm sofa is covered in sunbrella fabric. We've got a few ideas for the adventurer in your life and you might find a gift or two for yourself while you're at it as, lay stone patio tiles next to an existing deck to expand the usable space neutral stone creates the perfect canvas for all styles leave it bare or cover it partially with an outdoor rug floating.

Whether you go big with a covered patio or just add in subtle pops like a hanging lantern no textures epitomize summer more than rattan and straw to ready your space for entertaining place a tray, an outdoor rug can cover a less than stellar floor or patio adds color and a coordinated look if you choose one that complements some new outdoor pillows " lisa adams owner of adams design in the.

If you want a more natural seating area especially if your garden is a bit wild and you like the idea of using rustic naturally sourced local materials could you build a lovely covered seating, when you buy something using the retail links in our stories we may earn a small commission outside does not accept money for editorial gear reviews about our policy to inspire active.

When you're purchasing your halloween decorations check whether the products can withstand outdoor conditions or whether they'll last longer under a covered porch decoration to sell out! get more, pre order the new echo show 8 together with a ring indoor camera if you are looking for gift ideas for the family save $30. Based on your winter weather and your available space choose from these five ideas for outdoor root cellars to store your harvests vegetables that can be harvested when the soil is covered in