Advantages of Using SMT over Through-Hole in PCB Assembly

Through-hole was once the king during the 1950s. It dominated the electronic industry as the top printed circuit board (PCB) assembly technique at that time. However, despite being the better mounting technique then, it still had some significant flaws that needed solutions.

30 years forward, another mounting technology rose to fame. Since its popularity surged in the 1980s, Surface Mount technology (SMT) took over the industry like wildfire. It has completely devoured its competitors, including the once revered through-hole, as the most preferred mounting technology in PCB assembly.

SMT is the process wherein the components are mounted directly onto the PCB. It involves applying solder paste through a stencil or screen to the areas of the board where it is required. The components are then set in place using a pick and place machine. Then, the board with the components is placed in a surface mount machine to solder them.

With the promises and solutions brought by SMT, the electronic industry benefited greatly from this discovery. These advantages that are not present in through-hole include the following.


Smaller Components

One significant changes made in SMT is the size of its components. Surface mount components (SMC) are now comparably smaller than the old through-hole components. Because of the smaller size, several advantages sprung from this change.

First, SMC take lesser board space than through-hole. Since the components in SMT are now smaller, it does not require bigger space from the surface of the board. As a result, there is an increase in pin count of components in SMT.

With smaller components, smaller and lightweight circuit boards are produced. Smaller board means faster circuit speed, which is ideal for many applications.

Both Sides of the PCB Can Be Used

PCB AssemblyIn SMT PCB assembly, the components can also be mounted on both sides of the board. Since this process does not involve drilling holes, placing components on both sides of the board is possible.

This makes the surface mount boards to have higher density per unit area compared to through-hole. There are also more connections per component in SMT, which maximizes the computing power of electronic devices.

Reduced Costs

Although the cost of the machine can be steep, other production costs can be reduced in this technology. This is because production materials in SMT are comparably cheaper than that of through-hole.

These reductions include setup and production costs. For instance, the lower the drilled holes in the board, the lower the price of the PCB. In addition, electronic components are also cheaper in SMT PCB assembly.

Since there are less mistakes committed in surface mount, damage costs is also reduced. Lastly, smaller boards are also less expensive than larger ones.

Faster Production

Since the process of placing components onto the board is simpler and is automated, SMT provides much faster productions than through-hole. Placement machines are capable of attaching over 136,000 components onto the board per hour.

The high volume production is suitable for companies to produce more without spending too much.

Better Performance

With SMT, assembly of components onto the board is secured from trailing components or loose leads. Since a machine is used to set the components in place, the room for errors is lesser compared to through-hole. Even if there are errors, it can be corrected easily because of the surface tension which pulls the components to align properly.

Since SMT produces smaller boards, this also provides better performing PCB. The lesser space consumed makes more components to be placed on the board. With more components, there are also more connections built which can greatly improve the functions of the board.

There are also fewer unwanted RF signal effects, which leads to high frequency performance. Furthermore, SMT provides a better mechanical performance. It can withstand certain conditions such as shaking and vibrating.

SMT is undeniably the better option when it comes to assembling a circuit board. It is the perfect technique for designing and production. The skills and technology in SMT is also incomparable to the other techniques.

With SMT, manufacturers enjoy the benefits it provides. Thus, it enables them to compete better in the market.

However, despite the clear benefits of SMT, through-hole still remains useful in the quick turn PCB assembly today. For instance, it is still the ideal technique used in the prototyping process. Hence, combining these two techniques is still necessary to come up with the optimum results.

Whether it is SMT or through-hole, we at Imagineering ensure that we have the right skills and knowledge to utilize these mounting techniques.


Is It Time To Sell Your Gold To A Pawn Shop Today?

Pawn Shop Millions of people today have a lot of jewelry that they don’t use. There’s a lot of different reasons why this may be true. You may not realize it, but you may have items in your home that you are not going to use, but could be of great value. Whether you want financial gain, or you simply have elements that you don’t use, you’re going to want to investigate selling or pawning at one point or another. If you have never used a pawn shop before, perhaps you will want to explore this option a bit deeper today. The following are a just a few questions that you should ask yourself in regard to whether or not it’s time to sell your gold to a pawn shop today.

Do You Actually Wear The Items You Have?

The first question to ask yourself relates to whether or not you actually wear jewelry. Do you wear the pieces that you have in your closet or drawers? Many people don’t usually go to a lot of events where they are going to be wearing precious jewelry. If the answer to the question is simply, no, then it’s time to look into selling or pawning. Selling the items that you do not use will ensure that someone else could very well be using the items. This is something that many people don’t think about at first, but it’s definitely an advantageous thing to consider.

Do You Know The Value of Gold?

This is a serious question because many people don’t want to sell due to the price tag. They assume that the items aren’t worth that much, because they acquired them long ago, or they were given as gifts. The thing about this, however, is that you could very well get a great deal of your items. Right now, an ounce of gold is over $1,000. That means that you could very well stand to make several thousands of dollars from just pawning or selling your gold. This is a great option that has increased in value in the past. However, what if things plummet? If the market value of gold drops, you may be left with things that aren’t as valuable overall. It’s for that reason why you may need to focus on what the value of gold may be overall.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Sell

Did you know that it’s easy to sell gold to a pawn shop today? With the rise of internet solutions, you can definitely get a great deal of value from your items. There’s something grand about the financial elements that you can get from selling or pawning your precious metals. Whether you have broken pieces, or you have items that you don’t use any more, you can get a helping hand by simply selling things. It’s easier to sell gold today than ever before. You don’t even need to visit a retail store or a company outright. You can send your items safely to a good resource and get top dollar for them.


As you can see, there are several things that you may want to ask and consider in regard to pawn solutions. If you can determine that you have something to sell through, you very well may end up with a positive solution moving forward. Getting paid for items that you don’t use is grand. Especially when you realize that a few items could amass several thousands of dollars. Selling today can help you go on a trip, or invest in a business, amidst other things. It’s simply one of the best things that you can pursue today. Test it once and you’ll agree.


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How to Make Arrangements for a Funeral?

FUNERAL When a loved one dies unexpectedly, the pain of loss cannot be explained with words. Everything becomes harder especially when making arrangements for the funeral. This becomes exceptionally difficult if there are no pre-planned funeral services. How do you make arrangements for a funeral? Here are suggestions that you can follow on arranging a funeral without pre-planning. This guide aims to help you in making wise decisions even while grieving.

1. Call for Transport Arrangements

When the deceased is still in that place where he or she died, a call must be made to arrange for physical transport. If you are going to make that call for transport to a funeral home, you should be the family member who has the authority to do that. This is an important call to make because to call a funeral home for transport arrangements usually means that you have decided to hire their services. If you decide to hire a different funeral home, then there would be a transportation fee that you have to pay to the one you called first.
Remember to call other family members who need to be informed as well.

2. Arranging the Funeral Services

There are many decisions to be made when arranging for a funeral. Decision-making will involve big, small and even the minutest detail like who is going to be in-charge of shining the shoes. To make planning easier, funeral homes have funeral staff (under the guidance of the funeral director) who will you assist in all planning stages. The services that they will arrange will be in accordance to your preferences. They will also assist you in deciding on the method of final rest. The options will be tomb, burial, cremation or if you’d rather donate the body (or just parts of the body) for medical research.

You will be asked as to what kind of ceremonies you’d like. There are various types of ceremonies that you can choose from. The most popular nowadays is the personalized type. This is the kind of program that is tailor-fitted to suit the personality of the deceased. The funeral director and the staff will guide you in all aspects including pallbearer questions, music and other very tiny details that will hold special meaning to the ceremony.

3. Arranging for the Final Resting Place

The place for the final rest, if not pre-arranged, will also be one of the things that you have to settle. Consensus of the family members has to be obtained on deciding for burial plot, entombment or cremation. The funeral director will explain the differences of each. They will also discuss the benefits of each choice. If the family has come up with a choice, all that has to be done is to make the purchase of the cemetery lot or a columbarium.
There is a price factor that has to be considered in making your choice. Just make sure that the choice is a balance between family wishes and budget.

4. Deciding on Products for Funeral Services

burialThe funeral home handling the service will ask for your decisions on the kind of casket you want to purchase. If the family decided on a burial plot, you also have to purchase a casket liner. In entombment, this does not require a liner. If columbarium is the chosen resting place, then note that there is a number of urn options to choose from. A grave marker is the final piece that you have to decide on. The funeral home will also guide you and give you choices on the design and engraved message. Gentry Griffey provides more funeral services.

Making arrangements for funeral services is difficult if not planned ahead. The decision-making compounded by grief is what makes planning for the funeral painful; but the funeral is an important part of the grieving process. This is a step to let mourners face the reality of death. For those left behind, it is also the start of a new life filled with meaningful memories of the loved one who passed away.